Why Choose B.Ed?


The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme is designed with an intention to develop understanding of teaching-learning process at school level between teacher and students. The programme focuses on enabling student-teachers relationship and make teacher understood about the various criticalities involved in teaching process.The programme helps to integrate both the aspects i.e. theory and practical to expedite alive engagement of learners for knowledge dissemination.

B.Ed is a mandatory requirement if you wish to join professional teaching field . If one wishes to be a perfect teacher and a role model in society one needs to complete Bachelor of Education or B. Ed.

So if you aspire to have a strong heart of teaching, look around admission in B. Ed During the course you learn to accept individual differences of the students and act according to the student's need.

Future Scope of B.ED Course

Being  a developing nation, India has seen revolution in the education sector.   Education is a key factors that aids in sustained economic development of country. Therefore government is putting much attention to reform this sector with numerous policies. In addition top this a lot of private players are entering day by day. But at  present the competent teachers are not available in the same ratio . So the need for trained teacher is very high to match this pursuit.

So the career opportunities for these professionals are blooming  nowadays.

In India current pupil teacher ratio is not 30:1 its more than 50:1 in Govt. Schools, which is below global education standards.  In some states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, PTR ratio is more than 60, which degrades education standards. To improve this scenario the government has planned to recruit a large number of teaching faculty in the schools. Also in private schools number of admissions has  reached around 1.3 crore according to education ministry.

This all has led to numerous opportunity for teaching professional with decent packages and future scope along with reputation.