‘Satyug Darshan Trust (Regd.)' is a large selfless organization comprising of thousands of selfless individuals from all sections of the society and was founded on 12th July 1995 with an objectives of alleviating  physical, mental and spiritual sufferings of the humanity and to infuse consciousness, fraternity and love for humanity through all possible means.

-An English medium school namely, ‘Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya’, affiliated to CBSE with over 800 students upto Class XII.. Besides an endeavor to instill best possible academic skill, physical development and worldly knowledge, stress is laid on moral values and understanding of the eternal oneness of the being with the Supreme God. This will also be a teaching practice and learning place for the pupil students of Satyug Darshan Institute of Education and Research.

-A state of the art music and dance centre in the name of ‘Satyug Darshan Sangeet Kala Kendra’ (which has 12 other branches in other parts of India such as Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Ambala Cantt, Ambala City, Panipat, Delhi, Rewari, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Chandigarh and Saharanpur) set up to help the society realize the importance and true benefits of music and dance and its role in shaping the character of individuals. Affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, over 800 students are enrolled in various streams of music and dance in these kala kendras.

-A beautiful dome shaped Meditation Centre near completion which will be the first ‘School of Equanmity and Even-sightedness’ in the world. Those who would be admitted would be so trained, that they will become a symbol of selflessness, Eqaunimity and Even-sightedness with absolute purity in their thoughts, speech and actions purely as per the teachings of ‘Satvastu Ka Kudarthi Granth’ which means the sacred scriptures of Satyug as revealed by nature. The pupil teachers will be groomed in accordance with these objectives so as to adopt virtues which help them effectively groom future generations on humane values and Godly virtues.

The complex also houses ‘Satya Deep Grih” a home for selfless and dedicated volunteers and senior citizens of society, a power generation unit catering to the power needs of several nearby villages, a laundry unit serving to the needs to all school children, a cafeteria, a bakery unit etc.

Besides a 6 bedded medical investigation room at Vasundhara, catering to needy people from nearby rural areas, the Trust is also running 13 other Satyug Darshan Charitable Dispensaries and Laboratories in various parts of Northern India catering to the medical needs of needy. These together have benefited over 6 Lakh people so far with Dental, Gynae, Eye care, X ray, Cardio and other facilities.

To fulfill its charter, The Trust has also undertaken several activities from time to time which includes Education and Cultural Camps, Creativity and Social Camps, Sports meet and Workshops to develop progressive individuals with high level of self confidence, moral values, character, social manners and etiquettes. Charity Distribution Camps are also organized to extend physical and financial support to the needy. ‘Satya Gyan Yagnas, Parivarik Ekta / Sukh Shanti’ campsare organised to develop harmony and peace in the present day disunited families for people from all sections of the society irrespective of age, caste, colour or creed.

Spiritual Congregations and Satsang is held regularly through out the year for spiritual development of individuals and to impart them with social and moral values based on principle of equality as per the teachings of ‘Satvastu Ka Kudarthi Granth’ so that all the actions and deeds of the supreme creation of God – “Man”, remain truthfully supreme for establishment of the atmosphere of peace and harmony in this universe. This is done by way of dissemination of teachings based on principles of Equanimity and Even-sightedness based on teachings from ‘Satvastu Ka Kudarthi Granth’  in the form of kirtans, dance, plays etc with an aim to create among individuals a fellow feeling and righteousness as the way of life, feeling of universal brotherhood and concept of ‘ONE GOD’ for the entire universe.

B.Ed college for women named ‘Satyug Darshan Institute of Education and Research’ (SDIER) has been established in the year of 2007.The aim of this institute is to develop proficient educators through proper understanding of the true purpose of education and teaching and at the same time instill moral values among them to be effective educators.

‘Satyug Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology’ (SDIET) is an AICTE approved institution offering courses in Engineering and management. SDIET has been established in the year of 2012. SDIET is committed to transform its students into industry  and value based professionals.