Principal’s Message

Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in a human. Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in the mind. Suggestion is the friction, which brings it out.


I as a Principal feel honored to welcome you all to the official website of Satyug Darshan
Institute of Education and Research (SDIER). We at SDIER believe that the purpose of
education is to grow children into productive citizens that use their knowledge, talents and
learned skills to sustain themselves and help others while pushing the human race forward in
areas of equality, equity and harmony.
Keeping in mind that our goal is to develop skilled professionals who be the hardest workers in
the room but have the sense of humanity and communitarian attitude at the top of their mind.
Along with the utilization of smart techniques in the classroom, the concept and knowledge of
Equanimity, Even-Sightedness, Endurance and Truthfulness are equally embedded in our
methods of teaching and grooming the future teachers.
Education according to the Indian tradition is not merely a means of earning a living, nor only a
nursery of thought or a school for citizenship. It is initiation into the life of spirit and shaping of
human souls in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue. It is the living through a continuous
reconstruction of experiences and the development of all those capacities in the individual which
will enable them to control their environment and fulfill possibilities.
Within my role as the Principal of SDIER would assure all of you that this institution would
make moves to fulfill all the above commitments and making you honoured to be a part of
something big and different.


Dr. Jugnu Khatter